Prostitutes, Circumcision, Glory

Ingredients for a good Christian blog–what are they? As I prepare blog topics and articles for the August 2nd launch of this Lambhearted Lion blog, I am finding an odd mix of themes. One on hand, I long to learn and share the ancient, glorious thoughts of Christian forefathers. On the other hand, I have a knack for speaking bluntly with little regard for well-established Christian traditions. I tend to write in a most non-academic fashion, so I’m told. And I choose topics and titles that would not normally be preached on Sunday. These are probably some of the reasons I am currently “outside the gate” of Christendom.

And so I write. Here are some ideas for articles. Comment below if you have more ideas you would like me to add to this blog!

Blog ideas…

  • Go marry a prostitute! [Hosea]
  • The Law and the Prophets are obsolete and fading away [Hebrews]
  • Circumcision – the starting point to learn the Gospel [Ephesians]
  • Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar – 3 flawed views of sin [Job]
  • Blasphemy, Immorality, Weakness, and Insanity – how some view Mercy [Matthew 9]

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