Update: Brian’s New Book Coming in 2017!

Take a walk through the so-called gay debates, from an affirming, Scripture-honoring, conscience-respecting viewpoint.

This book is not my attempt to change your mind about our gender and sexual minority family and friends. This book is my invitation to walk with me through the so-called gay debate that permeates our generation. Because of this debate, I have delved more deeply into my Christian faith and looked more carefully at the Bible. I have adopted a love-first, figure-out-theology-later mentality, not only toward my LGBTQ friends and family, but also toward all people. I invite you to pause and listen to the ways I am working out this love-driven, affirming theology, centered around five topics: sin, gender, marriage, holiness, and truth.

Many in the American church have adopted a tension-filled stance toward homosexuality. Like myself not too long ago, they are caught somewhere in between blessing and condemnation. Their conscience will neither permit them to fully condemn nor to fully bless people who fall outside the male and female binary. The best they can offer is a tearful shoulder to cry upon. What is remarkable to me is that such a stance reveals how weak the gospel has become in the American church. I am no longer surprised by the teachings about brokenness, sadness and hopelessness presented to LGBTQ people. Such teachings are in fact what a flawed gospel produces. Is the American church so out of touch with the gospel Jesus preached that we can only offer a tension-laced message of conformance?