Evil: Confronting Our Inner Hitler

“Are we creating the kind of environments in which good takes root or in which evil takes root? What does it mean to “overcome evil with good”? These questions regarding the construct of evil are what this book, by my friend and colleague Brian John Karcher, explores through the backdrop of the infamous Nazi leader, […]

Identity Snatchers: Exposing A Korean Campus Bible Cult

“This book is part of a critical examination of University Bible Fellowship. It gives insight into the structures and methods of this controversial group that’s work is focused on students.” –Dr. Reinhard Hempelmann, Director of the Protestant Centre of Religious and Ideological Issues, Berlin Germany Now in Spanish! Ladrones de Identidad: Exponiendo a una secta […]

The New Wine: Welcoming LGBTQIA People to the Wedding of the Lamb

“For me, the Wedding Banquet is ready and the celebration with people from every race, tribe and gender has already begun. However, the scene is not so wonderful for many parts of the Christian church. For many gender and sexual minorities, the experience of church is much darker. There is conflict, division, pain, and exasperation. […]