Identity Snatchers: Exposing A Korean Campus Bible Cult

“This book is part of a critical examination of University Bible Fellowship. It gives insight into the structures and methods of this controversial group that’s work is focused on students.” –Dr. Reinhard Hempelmann, Director of the Protestant Centre of Religious and Ideological Issues, Berlin Germany Now in Spanish! Ladrones de Identidad: Exponiendo a una secta […]

Unexpected Christianity: The Penguin Narratives

“What follows are the stories of how I came to realize that Christianity is more powerful than believing something, more grand than doing something, and far deeper than being something. Christianity is about following someone. And that Someone will lead us to some very unexpected places.” —Introduction

Goodness Found: The Butterfly Narratives

“One good memory—that may be just what we need. I am fortunate to have many thousands of good memories. One of those good memories is that of a butterfly.” —Introduction