Featured Artist! Rev. John Maddox

johnmaddoxJohn not only endorsed Brian’s book, The Lambhearted Lion, John also contributed inspiring artwork for chapter illustrations in Brian’s book, The New Wine. John is a pastor at One World Ministries, a former CSM at United States Army and studied Moral Theology/Christian Ethics at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Comparative Religion/Philosophy at St Joseph’s University and Psycology at the University of Mississippi ~ Ole Miss.

Check out all of John’s incredible work:
Art in Watercolor and Graphics by John Maddox

Featured Artist! John Harrison

Joguitargirlhn Harrison contributed chapter artwork to Brian’s book, The New Wine, which helped to inpsire the entire chapter theme. John’s work is highlighted in Brian’s newest book to be released in 2016! Look for a future post featuring John’s brilliant chapter illustrations for Brian’s newest book.

Sometimes all you need is six strings and an attitude! Check out John’s excellent and provocative work:
Guitar Girl

Featured Artist! Joseph Yenser

Jjoebiopicoe is a member of The Defiance Artists Society and The Wassenberg Art Center. He enjoys taking art classes and entering shows. His favorite mediums to work with are acrylics and oils. Digital technology has renewed Joe’s interest in photography as well. His favorite past times include reading, golf and travel. Joe’s incredible raven painting is featured on the cover of Brian’s first book, Rest Unleashed. Joe also provided several inspiring chapter illustrations in Brian’s books.

Check out all of Joe’s amazing paintings, drawings and photography!      Yenser Art